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If you are interested in breaking into the world of small business, you've come to the right place. At the B.O.S.$ Theory Academy (BTA), we offer certificate courses which are designed to teach the ins & outs of starting up a business (within the entertainment industry or in general) or a career in speaking, writing or independent producing, as well as techniques that can take you further in your market.

About the B.O.S.$. Theory Academy

First let us explain what the B.O.S.$. Theory means. B.O.S.$. stands for the Business Of Self $uccess... and it's the Theory of self awareness and passion to win that drives this Jetpack, rapid results yielding academy.

The B.O.S.$. Theory Academy or BTA is a platform for post pandemic entrepreneurs, side hustlers and people making the pivot into a new career. Our Jetpack brand of coaching offers rapid results into the business or career of chose by our students. Whether learning how to startup a business, launch a speaking, writing or indie producing career, our self-paced courses* and bootcamps, stand-alone & on-going classes, workshops and networking events are designed for those with vast experience or those new to the field. All skill levels and skill sets  are welcome. And most of BTA coaching covers the basics as well as advanced techniques of business & careers, which has helped entrepreneurs to freelancers grow & thrive. 

Check out the classes that we offer below.

More classes, workshops and courses, as well as membership information available. Contact us 
if you have any issues booking or gaining access to any classes, workshops or courses. 

*All "Build a Foundation" (BaF) classes must be taken prior to taking a full course.


Grants & Scholarships

Available for those experiencing hardship.

Reach out to the B.O.S.$. Theory Academy (presented by the HBAu and HPA) team
for more information on how to apply contact


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