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(based on: The Wright Relations) LEGAL DRAMA PODCAST

This on-going project follows a defense attorney on a mission to change the justice system, one person at a time. This fictional audiobook/play will be released in 2024.

Ike Wright, esq.

Anita Jackson, esq. 

Ted Hill, esq.

Frank Bagley, esq.


Darren Jackson, esq. 

Commander Elvin Wright.

Sheila Wright. 

Keke Thomas. 

Mickey Wu. 

Lisette Graves.

Court Judge.

Court Bailiff.

City Officials.



To see a complete cast list please visit our IMDb page


Welcome to SugarLand

(based on the Reality Divas series is a MOC-REALITY PODCAST


Must be based in Los Angeles, CA for consideration 

This project is about a group of female bosses enthralled in the game of life - on their own terms. (Improv experience a plus).

Rita Carmichael, 30-40s, African American woman, loud, wild sense of humor, restaurateur, sharp small business owner. A Nene Leakes type.


Pauline Mitchell, 30-40s, Mixed (African American/Caucasian) woman, earthy, realist, small business owner. A Lisa Bonet type.


Cici Moore, 30-40s, African American woman, sassy sexy, soul-trepreneur, small business owner. A Kandi Burruss type.


Samy Thompson, 30s, Open ethnicity, feminine man, former athlete turned sassy hair-slayer, owner of his own salon. A Michael Sam type.


Kenny Jhonas, 30-40s, African man born and raised in the United Kingdom, former professional athlete turned pro team coach. An Idris Elba type.

UK accent a must.


Dawnya Wilkerson, 40s, Caucasian woman, sinister sense of humor, funny, family business owner. A Christen Chenwick type. Stand up comedy

background a plus.


Johnny Boyd, 40s, Middle Eastern man, from a wealthy family. A Hamza Haq type.


Cody Carmichael, 20s, African American man, inner-city kids with a hard-working hard-nosed mother. An Ice Cube type.

Various (roles) - Age/Sex/Ethnicity OPEN - LEAD & Principal roles available

bos slady.jpg

O.G. bosslady

(based on the Rhyme Lordz stage-play CRIME DRAMA PODCAST

This project is shows the power and control struggle over what comes out of the streets - money music & more.

Cherish "Cherry Nice" Esposito. 

Robert "Big Bub" Morgan.

Arron "A-Yo" Young.

Derrick "D-Bo" Morgan.  

Crystal "C-Clear" Ferguson.

KT Martin.

Maximillian "Mad Max" Esposito.

Nicholas "Untouchable Nicky Ness" Nestor.


See the entire cast list on IMDb.





This podcast is for and about people of color in which discussion in the wake of civil unrest (#BLM, protesting, insurrection on the capital building, racism, police brutality, #metoo, etc.), social climate, and allow talented artists to share their music, poetry, comedy or other art.

CASTING: We are always seeking real Poets, Musical Artists, Comics, Actors, Lip Sync Artists, and any other Performing Artists. OPEN age, gender, race.

Please submit a sample of your artistry by either sending us a link or simply record yourself in a comfortable place performing. And also tell us a little about yourself in terms of dealing with social injustices. These instruction are for this project ONLY. For all of the projects below please scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the instructions given to submit on those projects.

Non-union and union talent with or without voice-over experience are welcome and encouraged to submit. As we are ONLY seeking the voices of these characters at the moment. Please note: most rehearsals, readings, etc.  will be done via teleconference and/or video conferences (zoom, etc.). Further information will be given to cast members as projects move forward. 

More projects coming spring 2022. Please check back often. To submit to
any of the projects above please follow the instructions below...

Makeup Photoshoot
Filming a Music Video
Influencer Shooting a Video
Video Personality

Audition & Submission Instructions

Interested in auditioning for one or more of the roles above?

Reach out to us. It's as easy as sending us an audio clip with you slating (saying) the following: your name, age range, location (city and state), and the project/role you would like to be considered for (or if you are an artist please tell us which kind - musician, comic, poet, etc.), and your contact information (phone, email). Simple, right?

We need to hear your voice so please speak clearly. Also: PLEASE write (in the body of your email) all the information you give in your "audio audition" -  the two will be your complete Audition Submission to consider you for one of the roles/projects listed above. Note: If you are open to roles other than the one you submit for, please write the following (no need to speak it) in your email: OPEN TO OTHER ROLES.

ARTISTS: Along with the Audition Submission package outlined above, we will also need a link to your work. When you are ready to submit send everything to:

Are you knew to the "industry" and looking to hone your skills as an actor, performer, writer, podcaster, or other talent? The Hollywood Performance Academy may be just  what you are looking for. If you sign up for a class remember to mention Submission  Bros. and receive a 20% discount.

Video Conference from Cafe
Beauty Vlogger
Freelancing at Home
Art and Crafts Blogger
Working at Home
Video filming
Happy Vlogger

        CLASSIFIED  (Help Wanted)

Do you need a job (a "9 to 5") to hold you over until you get your big "Hollywood" break and being a waiter or barista is not your thing? Or maybe you are a small business owner who has a job that needs to be filled with quality talent? OR... are you interested in starting a career behind the camera and looking for a great training program to help you accomplish that?

Well, Submission Bros. along with its sister companies HBAuHPA | BTA, and the BlackwellTh Company (BwC) are here to serve (click on the title/link to see the offerings). While SB has expanded its services beyond casting and talent development. We are now offering staffing & temporary employment placement through (BwC), as well as offering entrepreneurial and career trainings through a collaboration with HBAu, HPA & BTA.

Whether you are interested in working in front of or behind the scene on movie sets or in production offices, we can help. Allow us to find the perfect production GIG you!

Submission Bros. is dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion (D.E.I.) throughout our company and those companies we align ourselves with.

Note: if you are a job seeking, please visit BwC (with the link just above), browse their offerings then shoot an email with a current resume (be sure you name and contact info is listed on your resume).

If you are an employer in the entertainment industry looking to hire temp staff members (long or short term), please contact BwC -- be sure to give your company's name, contact information including location, website (if you have one) and the details of the position(s) you are looking to fill. A company representative will contact you directly.

We look forward to working with you soon.


Contact us

Our Southern California locations:

Playa Vista                 Culver City

Torrance                     West Los Angeles

Long Beach                Hollywood

Orange County          North Hollywood "The Valley"        

Phone us with any questions or concerns:

213-444-6534 (please leave a message)

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