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We are the Hollywood Backdoor Alliance United (a 501c3 company recognized as the Hollywood Blackdoor Alliance United or HBAu for short) and we are a co-op of working professional artists, filmmakers, entertainment entrepreneurs, forever teachers and learners. The HBAu is dedicated to uplifting and empowering women, people of color, lgbtq+, disabled persons, youth (ages 17-24), and people of a certain age (40+), working or aspiring to work in the entertainment industry, either in front of or behind the lens.

Over the past two decades the HBAu has been able to champion several social impact programs with our target group in mind. The first program is the Hollywood Production Assistant Program (HPAp), which is nearing it's 20th year. Over the nearly twenty years the HPA Program has assisted dozens of high school (seniors), college students, recent college graduates and early career young people break into the entertainment industry in various roles, from hands-on production gigs to corporate office jobs.

The next program is a new program designed for women, by women with women in mind, the higHER Octane Project (HER.O). The chief goal of the HER.O Project is to help woman gain the skills necessary to re/enter the workforce or the training needed to start a business.

Although the HPAp and HER.O programs have been offered for almost twenty years and the Hollywood Backdoor Alliance United has been around since 2007, HBAu only became a recognized 501c3 in mid 2022, following a complete restructuring after the pandemic We are expecting great things from this organization and the two key programs. For more information, please scroll down to take a deeper look at the two programs:

                                                                Hollywood Production Assistant Program (HPAp) began in the summer of 2005 and even with the pandemic shutdown in early 2020, the program was able to continue-- only closing down for part of the spring semester and summer (2020). Never fear the program was back up and running that fall and has been going strong ever since. The program usually seeks participants 3 times a year, at the end of each semester for the following semester. For example, submissions are accepted in late May for the summer, late August for fall and late December for spring sessions. To be find out about upcoming submission date/times please click here.

For a list of current or previous HPAp participants, please click here or contact us.


                                                                 HBAu is working with business and career coaches from the B.O.S.$. Theory Academy (BTA) to offer women, especially those of color, various training program (free of charge) to assist them launch new careers or start up a small business within the entertainment industry or relevant markets. The higHER Octane Project (HER.O) is designed to help women get back into the workforce or become entrepreneurs. For more information on this program and how to apply for the HER.O Project, please send an email here.

For a list of funding opportunities for the 2022-2023 fiscal year, please connect with the HER.O Project via email provide above.

HBAu Board of Director and other members of our team available upon request.

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